Warehouse and Distribution

Since customer satisfaction has constantly been the cornerstone of STA, we are proud to dedicate open-air warehouse with an area of over 30.000 m2 and roofed shed with an area of 1.200 m2 to store sensitive goods, office space in 3 floors to a total of 300 m2, as well as facilities and technical equipment including 3 forklifts and lifters, 1 bandsaw for precise cutting of long sections, 4 sheet cutting machines (up to 6 mm thick), two 16-ton overhead cranes and a 70-ton digital scale. We hope to have taken a small step towards desirable supply of goods at any quantity/dimension, improved services and timely delivery at the highest quality and accuracy possible. STA seeks to improve perfectly efficient consultation to customers on how to select goods, relying on a highly qualified technical staff experienced in the sale of various steel products and familiar with highly demanded sections and sheets in various industries. The availability of long sections and steel sheets in STA’s warehouse has enabled customers to request samples and photos, as well as quality certificate to ensure goods match the order details.